Horrid Red

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Silent Party EP


Horrid Red is an offshoot of Teenage Panzerkorps, consisting of Bunker Wolf, Edmund Xavier Catholic Pat & Clay Ruby (Burial Hex). Horrid Red explore the dusty corners of dark post-punk music with existential singer Bunker Wolf up front, in the spotlight.


Empty Lungs CS (2010, Campaign for Infinity)
Empty Lungs LP (2010, Holidays)
Pink Flowers EP 7"/CS (2011, Soft Abuse)
Silent Party EP 7"/CS (2011, Soft Abuse)
Celestial Joy LP (2011, Holidays)
Celestial Joy CS (2011, Brave Mysteries)
Celestial Joy LP (2012, Terrible)
Banquet in Blue CS (2012, Brave Mysteries)
Nightly Wreaths CD/LP (2012, Terrible)