Mad Nanna

New Release

I Wanna See You


Confounding and inspiring alien rock n' roll sounds from Michael Zulicki and co., from Australia.


Helicopter CDR (2010, Albert's Basement)
I've Been Talking 7" (2010, Albert's Basement)
I Made Blood Better CS (2011, Goaty Tapes)
Mad Nanna CS (2011, Eggy Tapes)
I've Been Talking 7" (2011, Little Big Chief)
Tour CS (2011, Albert's Basement)
If I Don't Sleep Tonight 7" (2011, Wormwood Grasshopper)
I Hit a Wall 7" (2012, Quemada)
I Made Blood Better LP (2012, Negative Guest List)
I'm Not Coming Here 7" (2012, Unwucht)
My Two Kids 7" (2012, Soft Abuse)
I Wanna See You 7" (2013, Soft Abuse)
Live in Glasgow LP (2014, Golden Lab)