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Pigeons hail from upstate NY, and consist of Wednesday Knudsen, Clark Griffin and Rob Smith. To date they've released LPs on Black Dirt and Olde English Spelling Bee and Soft Abuse. Mie will issue their next LP, The Bower.


I CS (2005, Moran Tape Label)
II CS (2006, Moran Tape Label)
III LP [lathe] (2006, Moran Tape Label)
River Surfer dbl CS (2007, Moran Tape Label)
V CS (2007, Moran Tape Label)
Grass Riding the Horse CS (2007, Moran Tape Label)
Pigeons 8" [lathe] (2008, Moran Tape Label)
Virgin Spectacle LP (2008, Black Dirt)
Lunettes 7" (2009, Soft Abuse)
Si Faustine LP (2010, Olde English Spelling Bee)
Curatorial Club #6 CS (2010, Chocolate Bobka)
Hearts 7" (2010, Olde English Spelling Bee)
Visions of the Valley 7" (2010, Soft Abuse)
Liasons CD / LP (2010, Soft Abuse)
No Shore CS (2011, Sixteen Tambourines)
They Sweetheartstammers LP (2011, Soft Abuse)
The Bower LP (2015, Mie)
Buoy 7" (2015, Soft Abuse)