Brute Heart
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"Brute Heart is Jackie Beckey, Crystal Brinkman, & Crystal Myslajek, from Minneapolis. The bass, drum viola trio has been effectively blowing minds since 2007. BRUTE HEART has unleashed two LP's, as well as a killer 7" on M'LADYS. Now they have reached down into a deep reverb tank and pulled out "Wildfire", the A side to their new WATER WING 45rpm. Dub rhythms and pulsating bass lines collide with their usual layers of underwater vocals. Like their SOFT ABUSE LP, "Lonely Hunter", "Wildfire" was recorded by Minneapolis engineer, Mike Wisti (Mother Of Fire, Skoal Kodiak). In true dub fashion, on the flip is a re-mix of "Wildfire" deconstructed and rebuilt by the recording studio team of Alex Yusimov (Mirah, Grass Widow) and Jason Powers (Grails, Scout Niblett). Digital Download Included." - Water Wing

Track list

01. Wildfire
02. Wildfire Version (Warm Water Re-Do)