Brute Heart
The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari
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"Ninety-two years after its initial release, Minneapolis trio Brute Heart were commissioned by the Walker Art Center to construct a soundtrack for the German Expressionist film, “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”. Deftly evoking its subject matter, the score transitions from moment to movement; gorgeous, elegant viola & cello swell to tense alien landscapes to mystic passages of looping melody. It’s a style uniquely their own, one in which Brute Heart have been mining via bass, drums, viola, keyboard & their collective voices for two prior full-lengths (Brass Beads & Lonely Hunter, the latter on Soft Abuse). Few have the compositional prowess of these three & Moon Glyph is grateful to release in its entirety, their formally recorded score to this silent noir masterpiece." - Moon Glyph

Track list

01. These Are Spirits
02. Alan, My Friend
03. Fairgrounds
04. Til Dawn Tomorrow
05. Alan, My Friend (Reprise)
06. Prophecy
07. Stealth
08. Suspects
09. There Are Spirits (Reprise)
10. Somnabulist
11. Irrenanstalt
12. I Shall Unravel
13. Compelled
14. Drop Your Mask
15. Garden Story
16.There Are Spirits (Finale)