Exiles From Clowntown
No Original Thort
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"Proving their global ambitions, ever/never pluck a few gems from the extensive catalog of weirdo three piece Australian collective Exiles From Clowntown, one of whom was a member of ‘90s noiseniks 3 toed sloth. EFC re-deconstruct rock music(again) by injecting a healthy amount of world-weariness sputter n’ swagger. “(No) Original Thort” is a noisy rant that coalesces around a lumbering bass line and beehive-like guitar sounds; the perfect soundtrack for drinking and bullshitting with your mates (unless they’re squares). “Into The Light” rides a twangy guitar sketching out a vaguely VU-like motif, while the rest of the band makes like The Fall on one of their mid-80s C&N hybrids. This 7” is the third and final installment of The Holy Trinity of Shapes series." - Ever / Never

Track list

01. No Original Thort
02. Into the Light