Michael O
Face The Facts
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"The inaugural offering from FRUITS & FLOWERS is a very special treat. Itís the first solo release by MICHAEL O., aka Michael Olivares, the front-man for Bay Area band THE MANTLES, who've made records for SLUMBERLAND, MEXICAN SUMMER & SILTBREEZE amongst others. While THE MANTLES peel off ragged west coast psych, here MICHAEL O. steps into eccentric pop territory.

Working in his basement in Oakland & in SF with EDMUND XAVIER (HORRID RED, etc), MICHAEL O. built a mini-masterpiece of pop with elements of art-rock, new wave & psych-folk, DIY but NOT lo-fi. Itís tempting to add some musical references, but this record is difficult to pin down to a particular era or style. We advise that you just throw this on & get lost in the cracked & glorious world of MICHAEL O. Fans of THE MANTLES paisley hooks will be pleased, but the album is less about heavy guitar riffs than MICHAEL's distinct voice & melodies which he & EDMUND adorned with layers of organs, synths, drum machines & clarinet (!). This 7" EP features two Michael O. originals on side A & a pop take on an early SCORPIONS tune on the B-side. LP coming soon..." - Fruits & Flowers

Track list

01. Face The Facts
02. Fear of Balance
03. Speedy's Coming