Dick Diver
New Name Blues
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"Up next for Fruits & Flowers is a 7" single by Australia's DICK DIVER… yes it's an odd name for a pop band (an F. Scott Fitzgerald Tender is the Night reference if you were curious), but this is top notch pop music. Their CALENDAR DAYS LP from last year is for us one of the best records in a long long time. If you crave a dusky melancholy twang in your ears, that striped sunlight sound, you have to get on board here…Let's casually throw out some names: CANNANES, GO-BETWEENS, APARTMENTS or maybe some PAVEMENT or MODERN LOVERS… in any case DICK DIVER has blessed Fruits & Flowers with some lovely tunes; side A is low key pop that careens into a dream zone, & side B is a countrified cover of Lonely Life by 1980's Aboriginal band COLOURED STONE." - Fruits & Flowers

Track list

01. New Name Blues
02. Lonely Life