Michael O.
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MICHAEL O. (Olivares) of beloved Bay Area psych-pop band THE MANTLES (Slumberland, Siltbreeze etc) has been secretly building songs in his basement in Oakland with the help of HORRID RED's Edmund Xavier for the past few years. The result is this affecting collection of cracked pop hits & tragic ballads. The Mantles are known to lay down a thick electric jangle, but with Michael's solo songs the focus rests on rough-hewn vocal melodies & lyrics, laced with synths, acoustics, noises & clarinet. Michael tumbles headfirst into MODERN LOVERS, JACOBITES, TRONICS, TALL DWARFS territory...home recorded & highly personal but not lo-fi, please.

Track list

01. World Without Meaning
02. Paint a Picture
03. Moontide Dresser
04. Spider's Home
05. Rio
06. Blood
07. Falling Stars
08. Orobouros Blues
09. Listen For It
10. Know You Paint
11. Being There
12. Micahel's Dreary Afternoon
13. Diane Do You