Horrid Red
Celestial Joy
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Euro import, edition of 400

"As from the title, Celestial Joy is a step away from the depressive synth punk of their first releases. Instead, there is some sort of light cleaved through this album, though only a weak light can filter to the depth of the dark environment we are moving in. The recording session saw the newly established core trio of Edmund Xavier, Bunker Wolf and Clay Ruby (Burial Hex) in charge, with further assistance by Nathaniel Ritter, Tim Berresheim, Carly Flies, Catholic Pat and Christine Boepple.

Horrid Red was born as an offshot project by Edmund Xavier and Bunker Wolf of Teenage Panzerkorps exploring the arcane aspects of post-punk and new wave. After their debut 12" - which we released in 2010 - two killer 7-inch singles followed on Soft Abuse, featuring their bandmate Catholic Pat on drums and Clay Ruby tickling the fingerboard." - Holidays Records

Track list

01. Wheel Of The Dead
02. Forever Is Too Long
03. Wash Away the Dust
04. Marble Staircase III
05. Nothing in My Heart
06. Afternoon Wreaths
07. Men and Sand
08. Tragic Image
09. Celestial Joy
10. Meager Vines
11. Colored Lights
12. Horrid Life