It Hurts
The Thing That Stings
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“They looked across the lagoon then and saw the swans, black and shining, as if the visiting dark tiring of its form had changed to birds, hundreds of them resting and moving softly about on the water. Why, the lagoon was filled with swans, like secret sad ships, secret and quiet. Hush-sh the water said, rush-hush, the wind passed over the top of the water, no other sound but the shaking of rushes and far away now it seemed the roar of the sea like a secret sea that had crept inside your head for ever.” - Albert's Basement

Track list

01. Blinds
02. Washed Up
03. The Thing That Stings
04. Micro
05. Cicada
06. Hawkland
07. It Hurts
08. It Hurts U
09. Division
10. Waves
11. Storm