Matthew De Gennaro
Humbled Down
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Last copies of this 2005 release.

"Following the Wire's declaration of the 'new weird america' and more specifically pigeon-holing artists as remote as Jack Rose, the Jewelled Antler collective, Matt Valentine, Six Organs of Admittance and who knows what else into a genre they termed 'outsider folk', there has been an ever rising tide of new players delving into the arena of instrumental acoustic guitar. Yet in that pile-up, the work of one Matthew De Gennaro has been completely missed. A web search will turn up virtually nothing, and when he does turn up it is as a footnote in the New Zealand scene where, paired with Alastair Galbraith, he turned out a highly experimental performance on the legendary Corpus Hermeticum label.
All that said, Matt is obscure for no reason I can understand. Humbled Down is about as good as this sort of solo guitar thing gets, with its pastoral shades and imaginative playing that might remind a few of Roy Montgomery's elegant Temple IV (Kranky) and Songs from the South Island (Drunken Fish)." - Last Visible Dog

Track list

01. Candlestick Maker
02. Coal
03. Natura
04. Ross Creek Wander
05. Orange Symphony
06. Cathedral Square
07. Albion
08. Leith Valley Blues
09. Humbled Down