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Last copies of this 2004 masterpiece, unsealed.

"the new stfn nvlle album just arrived & is burning a hole through my life with its beautiful ragged, spacious static anthems. Music is Pumice's raft, & he's barely holding on. electric & acoustic guitar, chord organ, fuzz box vocals & a tape machine: this is the white soul music. along with that goddamn CJA Ironclad CD-R, RAFT represents the best in murky New Zealand-ish downer hymns. Inspiring." - Glenn Donaldson

Track list

01. Pumiceraft
02. Exciting and Awful
03. In Space (On the Burst)
04. Pipes
05. Ridge
06. Pudding Stone
07. 29
08. Warmhorn / Classicalfist
09. Flee
10. Awe of Oar