Blackout Beach
Light Flows the Putrid Dawn
CD / MP3
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Blackout Beach is Carey Mercer of Frog Eyes, Blue Pine, Swan Lake & more in solo mode. Like his work with Frog Eyes, Mercer's solo recordings dwell in a land all their own, with his unique vocal and lyrical approach very much at the fore. A fourteen-part song cycle, Light Flows The Putrid Dawn finds Mercer in rare form, with intense, miniature epics that slowly build, swell and expand to the brink of collapse.

Track list

01. If I Were Not Alexander, I Would Like to Be _ _ _ _ _
02. The Swineherd Sings and the Fountain Dwellers Grow Apart
03. Krull Courtship
04. The Putrid Dawn is Only for Us Baby
05. Fever of the Patriots
06. New Soft and Shimmering Motherhood Alliance
07. See: There is the Wisest Son of an All Wise Father
08. The Stuttered XXX Breeze XXX
09. The Painted Forest Screen Hides its Witch:
10. The Reticent Burglar's Den
11. The Transfiguration of BO-BRICK-IUS
12. Meadows and Pleasant Madames or Something of the Sort
13. The Hobo Who Learned to Eat Stone
14. The Quiet Merchant Gets His Song Too


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