Noctilucent Valleys
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There exists a sense of optimism in Ov’s humming analog drones, a floating light within a pack of ominous clouds.  Building from their brilliant debut CDR, Nocilucent Valleys takes Ov's expansive palette, blurrs and disguises instrumental thresholds, and presents sheer sound augmented by mysterious and mesmerizing gentle clamor.

Ov is Christine Boepple and Jewelled Antler's Loren Chasse, both of San Francisco. Ov pushes the duo’s established scopic pallette further into the void.  Touching upon traditional minimalism and psychedelic free-form folk music, Nocilucent Valleys plays like the soundtrack to an otherworldly fairy tale, with foggy oscillations guiding the way.  Abstract in presentation yet concrete in execution, the limitless creations that form Nocilucent Valleys harken to the amorphous eternal music of Angus Maclise, William Basinski’s wondrous expanses, and the sounds synthesis of Richard Pinhas or Francisco Lopez.

Track list

01. Arms of the Mountain
02. Spring Clock
03. The Noctilucent Valley
04. Bone of the Bone Scholar/Moon of the Moon Scholar
05. Ghost of the Future
06. Centaur in Saturn
07. Soul of Swan
08. The Noctilucent Cloud
09. Canals


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