Giant Skyflower Band
Blood of the Sunworm
CD / MP3
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Giant Skyflower Band's purpose is to examine in detail the idiom of Bummer Psych; the strain of damaged Anglo-pop music pioneered by Syd Barrett that arguably reached its apex with The Television Personalities’ Painted Word LP in the mid-80’s, but found new life in Japan via the genius of Tori Kudo and like-minded acts such as Nagisa Ni te and Tenniscoats. The band started when Glenn Donaldson invited multi-instrumentalist Shayde Sartin to “smoke marijuana & make up strange pop songs, ” and soon thereafter a transmission from their shoddy analog recording studio in San Francisco emerged: Blood of the Sunworm. Their debut consists of depressing pop songs and damaged instrumentals on a hazy, cryptic journey through a busted kaleidoscope, behind a dusty mirror & up through the rafters.

Track list

01. Oh Mary Green
02. Starbeams
03. Time Won't Sing a Song for You
04. Feast of Blood
05. Rainbows and Dreams (With Worms Singing)
06. Bitter Wild Rabbit / Builds the Bone
07. All of Us (You And Me)
08. Lice of Rainbows
09. The Arcangel (Hurray for the Beast)
10. Meditations on Christ and the Magi


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