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Island living affords absolute polarities in both geography and the psyche - tranquility & isolation.  This duality is present in the music of Pumice - the eccentric, flummoxing and oft-gloomy one-man band helmed by Stefan Geoffrey Neville of Auckland, New Zealand.  Pumice’s pesky brand of loner Kiwi DIY - precariously devoid of fatuous pose - is a colorful, desolate soundworld unto itself. 

On Pebbles, the umpteenth Pumice full-length outing, Stefan Neville excavates the mutant rock of Simply Saucer & the idiosyncratic, rhythmic compositions of Moondog (at his most playfully abstract), and re-contextualizes those touchstones via the pages of a mid-70s Incredible Hulk comic book.  Pebbles offers the unlikely marriage of astute refinement and wild abandon, with songs uplifting & sincere, yet dark, with oddball substance to spare.  Featuring some of Pumice's best makeshift pop songs to date, Pebbles even manages a few excellently fractured instrumentals that harkens to The Clean circa Oddities.

LP out of print.

Track list

01. Eyebath
02. Bold / Old
03. Brown Brown Brown
04. Stopover
05. Greenock
06. Northland
07. Spike / Spear
08. Both Beasts
09. The Only Doosh Worth Giving
10. Onion Union
11. Pipi


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