Donovan Quinn & the 13th Month
Sister Alchemy
7" / MP3
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"Though best known for his work with the Skygreen Leopards, Quinn has been culling his private weird recordings since he lived in a rotting trailer in the suburban sprawl of Walnut Creek, California. Due to popular insistence, the man has finally gone solo. Quinn is a Marlboro man mystic channeled through Francois Hardy just woken from a nap: frowsy, susurrant
and surly. He curls out chords like Duane Eddy on ludes, strumming on some ether plane of American guitar groupmind. It warms my heart that perhaps people will hear Donovan and be able to discern a true contender from the hollow trees out there." - Elisa Ambrogio, Arthur Magazine

Track list

01. Sister Alchemy
02. The Rabbit Tracks


Dusted Magazine/Still Single