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As the title self-effacingly implies, Quo proffers a triumphant, primo slice of past Pumiceisms: uncertain progressions, anomalous structure, inimitable guitar buzz, sublime melancholy, and distorted vocals (crooned, spoken & moaned). Quo once more finds Pumice cruising the convergence of pop, folk and noise strains with bona fide inner mystique; Neville's palette has shifted to include traces of useless hardcore, doo wop, and modern loner/lunar blues.

Track list

01. Pumice Quo
02. World With Worms
03. Fort
04. Thermos in the Studio
05. Pebbles
06. Whole Hoof
07. Sick Bay Duvet
08. Dog Water
09. Heavy Punter
10. Battersby
11. Beak Remedy


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