Car Commercials
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David Sutton and Daniel DiMaggio comprise the mysterious fake-rock duo Car Commercials. Following a brief stint as GT Performers, Daniel and David have tapped into an aspect of nonsensical nihilism that makes Jad Fair's early recordings so alluring, but have forgone his obsession with cartoon horror and monster movies in favor of Faces of Death I thru VI. Breathe deep, and prepare to scratch yr head faster than you can say 'Home Blitz.' LP edition of 200 with full color paste-on sleeves.

Track list

01. Sorry Oracle
02. Bad Plans In Action
03. John's Gone, Forget It
04. In A Hallway
05. Untitled
06. Jack and Paul
07. Everything Hurts Me
08. Teenage Pact
09. In My Pocket's Deep
10. Oh My God, It's Happening
11. Blew it


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