Horrid Red
Pink Flowers EP
7" / CS / MP3
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Horrid Red is an offshoot of ex-Siltbreeze creeps Teenage Panzerkorps (AKA DER TPK). While DER TPK stirs a blown-out post-punk frenzy, Horrid Red takes a slightly more delicate approach. The first 12", Empty Lungs, on Holidays Records dealt in dark, depressive synth-punk, but the Pink Flowers EP is far more pop-oriented, though in the way Can's Future Days or mid-80's Fall records are pop. German-born vocalist Bunker Wolf remains as disturbing as ever & almost more bizarre when set against these melodic guitars & synth-drenched propulsive rhythms.

Track list

01. Pink Flowers
02. Banquet in Blue
03. Foehn Winds


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