Primitive Motion
By Arc or Chord
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"Primitive Motion, a.k.a. caveman rumba a.k.a. neanderthal pulsewave... By Arc or Chord is crude music & virtuoso magic, lazy mood pieces with stratospheric trajectory. I'm grasping at scratchy Thick Pigeon singles & lost Here & Now sessions for some kind of reference point, but it's already all there in the band name. Male & female vocals careen haphazardly over cyclopean beats, drenched casio & emotive euphonium at the fertile intersection of post-punk, kraut-communal & art-school stoned. Debut cassette." - Glenn Donaldson

Track list

01. By Arc or Chord
02. Different Bird, Same Tree
03. In the Space of Shape Time
04. I Am Elemental
05. Guide to the Future
06. World Behind the Great Mirror
07. Geodesic Garden
08. Amplify This Thought


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