It Hurts
33 Tears
7" / MP3
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It Hurts is Beth, Angeline and Claire, an all-female trio from New Zealand. Each have been involved with various musical projects over the years (Futurians, Currer Bells, Octopus, etc), but didn't converge as It Hurts until the torrid summer of 2011. They've thus far released two limited tapes; 33 Tears is their debut 7". These two songs offer a beautiful summation of the crude ooze they've issued so far in one easily digestible dose. Imagine Indian War Whoop played by Heathen Earth-era Throbbing Gristle with a heavy emphasis on fuzzed blues histrionics. Reined to tape by Stefan Neville.

Track list

01. 33 Tears
02. Earth Sun Moon Us


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