Matthew De Gennaro
Old Jack Somebody
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Following up where last year's epic & beautiful Chuang Tzu Motherfucker LP left off, Matthew De Gennaro's latest, Old Jack Somebody, once more delivers the composers' truthful and wise sentiments in concise compositions that defy categorization. Some tunes reel, others weigh heavy, but all feature De Gennaro's mystical sense of melody & varied atmospheres. Scott Tuma lends his guitar to the sprawling album closer, Doxa Blues.

Track list

01. Sick Payador at Your Door
02. Mothers' Hands
03. Tsotsi Shuffle
04. Lowland Schottische
05. Old Jack Somebody
06. Abrupt Rural 3
07. Creative Drunkards Association
08. Aprupt Rural 4
09. Doxa Blues


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