The Scrapes
The Songs of Baron Samedi
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Brisbane's The Scrapes make howling mechanical dirges with fiddle (Adam Cadell) and guitar (Ryan Potter) & other F/X, with plenty of nods to Henry Flynt, Tony Conrad and The Dirty Three. With a few under-the-radar releases in Australia the duo present their first US release & definitive statement: The Songs of Baron Samedi. The ritualistic moans and eerie bellows they've honed over the years soar and creak and spit on this set of songs.

Track list

01. Oblivion's Grip
02. Sweat
03. The Dictator
04. Air As Thick As Water
05. A Shadowland of Megaphon
06. Remembering the Chiefs
07. Unequal Fronts
08. Wormholes
09. Bloody Mary
10. A Shadowland of Megaphon


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