The Bibs
From The Fish Houses
LP / MP3
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Mysterious, moody, basement trio The Bibs present their debut lp, a 12-string electric DIY Detroit basement folk rock statement in the crude tradition of Index's own confusing reality music. And worth noting that the jangle/folk spice of From The Fish Houses comes not only from the group's Michigan weirdo roots, but also from antipodean forward/free-thinking minds like Mad Nanna, The Cannanes and Tall Dwarfs. Wayward & busted melodies, muffled percussion & delirium sounds in general steer these songs, burrowing in deep like earworms in reverse. Features Chris Durham (Church Shuttle, Quilt Boy, etc) and Travis Galloway (Siobhan, etc), both formerly of Roach Clip and forever All Gone figureheads.

Track list

01. Open Water
02. Trenches
03. This Was
04. Already Gone
05. Counting the Hours
06. Afternoon
07. It's Not
08. Slow Curves
09. Fine Wine
10. Goodbye Friend (R.I.P. Hombre)