Time flies, eh?

Our new site is about to launch (I think), but I didn't want to wait any longer to unveil the new Kraus tape... Consider this a hidden secret til it's known.

And yeah, all this will be scrubbed of flubs soon!


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Happy new year!

This space was completely neglected last year, a practice I hope to rectify in 2013...

Soft Abuse had another busy year in 2012 (for us), with eight solid & varied releases. Here's a re-cap:

Tilth - Angular Music LP
11th hour edition to the 2012 release schedule, the Tilth debut is a dusty, widescreen representation of isolation and fatigue. Nathan McLaughlin and Cody Yantis (since joined by Joe Houpert) spent the better part of last year crafting Angular Music, and their mutual love of Bill Dixon is evident throughout if you listen closely...

Nathan Bowles - A Bottle, A Buckeye CD/LP
The mighty Nathan Bowles (pictured above) is a seriously player scross several disciplines. We met during a Pigeons tour down south, and his percussive prowess had me slack-jawed. Most know him through The Black Twig Pickers or possibly Pelt, where his spectrum of talents vary greatly. We were fortunate to release his solo debut last year, a deep collection of banjo soli that has connected with heads of all kinds.

Threads - Tall Building 7" [lathe]
Sandra Selig and Stuart Busby are alumnus of The Deadnotes, and Tall Building captures their first few songs, written & recorded a year or so ago. Threads deal in deft vapor-pop, and reminding me instantly of Julee Cruise or Tenniscoats in their approach. Perhaps the start of a series of Deadnotes-related lathe cuts?

Mad Nanna - My Two Kids 7"
Michael Zulicki has been part of some great Australian bands in recent years, like Silk Ears, Love Chants, Mole House and of course Mad Nanna. This single is the most straightforward they've issued, whick may have something to do with them scaling back to a trio line-up. Still confounding and inspiring, such a great band.

Myrrh - Myrrh LP
Myrrh is one of the very best bands in Minneapolis, and last year we re-released their debut tape from a year or so back. The tapes they put together were probably dubbed from fourth generation copies: completely hot and in the red jamming, they sound great, especially in the car. The songs were remastered & issued in a nice LP package with an art print & poster. Jackie (viola) and Andie (drums) have since been joined by Jason, who plays lapsteel guitar and adds another layer to the live experience. Check out the Hymns tape for evidence.

Ulaan Markhor - Ulaan Markhor CD/LP
The prolific Steven R. Smith should be well-known to the most casual Soft Abuse fan, we've issued several of his recordings over the years. Ulaan Markhor is his newest guise, and with it he's introduced a heavier focus on percussion.

Suspensers - Too Dumb to Live, Too Stoned to Die CS

This band and this album floored me upon first listen. Suspensers have some friends in high places, yet lurk in the shadows of greater NYC. Their raucous take on stoned country-fried rock was refreshing... More music is on the way, too, sit tight.

Pumice - PUNY CD/LP

Stefan Neville describes PUNY as, "Spitty skiffle. Doom-wop haka. Therapy trophy. The pipes are full of piss. Crack up break down life saving glutard soul destruction & keepin it proud songs from 2010." Another high water mark for Pumice.

Looking ahead to 2013, we've penciled-in releases from Matthew De Gennaro, It Hurts, Exiles From Clowntown, Blackout Beach, Ulaan Markhor, Pumice, and more... All good, I promise.