2018 List: Carter Thornton

Twenty of the best things I encountered in 2018

  1. Barnet Newman’s Stations of the Cross at the National Gallery, DC. In the permanent collection – visit anytime.
  2. SKULLFLOWER at Into the Aether Fest, Portland, ME. Their first-ever US gig after decades in the business. The female half of the band had her appendix burst on the plane the day of the show, so it ended up being a Mick flower solo set. He shared with me backstage that he’s learning to take care of miniature ponies.
  3. Rigid 12 Gallon 5.0 Horse Power Wet Dry Vacuum with Wet Filter. One of the most useful items I’ve ever purchased.
  4. THE HAMMER PARTY in Providence, RI. Big Black cover band that recently started playing their own material. Great front man with a deep regional accent.
  5. Adopting a dog from the SPCA.
  6. GRIM’s first US show (NYC). I was playing in the band on this one so I don’t know if it counts, but it was great to work with this guy and see him do his thing up close. He brought trash bags full of custom made aluminum cans from Japan printed with tour dates full of ball bearings for the audience to play.
  7. Cherry by Nico Walker. Debut novel that covers all the bases: Texas, Iraq War deployments, opiate addiction, bank robbery.
  8. #Kubrickphotos. Online postings from Museum of the City of New York’s exhibit of Stanley Kubrick’s very early photographs.
  9. AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED at Austin Terrorfest. Great, different set in an excellent sea of metal that all sort of blended into itself after a while. Only drawback was that one of the singers sounded like Sam Kinison.
  10. Saga comic. Continues to be one of the best stories going.
  11. Speech given by Zen Master Wu Kwang at Chogye Sa
  12. Treat America Project on Instagram. Every week of 2018 a different photographer from a different state takes over. Upcoming year-end print sale to benefit local charities from each state.
  13. The Podcast for Laundry. Hear the host discuss laundry and inevitably anger his guests (some of whom are annoying and deserve to be angered).
  14. Donovan Open Road
  15. Donovan Fairytale
  16. Donovan Cosmic Wheels
  17. Donovan Barabajagal
  18. Donovan A Gift from a Flower to a Garden
  19. Donovan Essence to Essence
  20. Donovan’s Greatest Hits