2018 List: Chris Berry/Soft Abuse HQ

Picking back up on our tradition of a bygone era, on bygone platforms, we’ll be posting year-end lists here at the new & improved softabuse.com from artists and friends of the label in the next week or so, up til the dawn of 2019. Many people have list fatigue, I get that. I still enjoy reading them, though, & don’t take them too seriously (rankings are a different beast). Anyway, more lists to come. I figured I’d kick things off with my own. Aside from the chaos of the world and political sphere, 2018 had some great moments & great records, and I’m grateful for each. Nothing ranked, aside from the first record just below. 

LPs, Tapes, CDs

Nathan Bowles: Plainly Mistaken (Paradise of Bachelors)
Primitive Motion: House in the Wave (Bedroom Suck)
Snake & Friends: Snake & Friends (RIP Society)
Park Jiha: Communion (tak:til)
The Love-Birds: In the Lover’s Corner (Trouble in Mind)
Yuzo Iwata: Daylight Moon (Siltbreeze)
A Happy Return: A Happy Return (Spillage Fete)
Weeping Bong Band: Weeping Bong Band (Feeding Tube)
Palta & Ti: Palta Og Ti PaDen Tolvte O (12th Isle)
Altamira: Altamira (Dove Cove)
Wednesday Knudsen: The Other Side of Silence (Microdose)
Daytime Cleaners: Daytime Cleaners (Commuter)
Doc Dunn: Lightbourn (Cosmic Range)
Christopher Alan Durham: Slow Drain (Spacecase)
Caroline No: Swimmers (King Crab)
Storks: Full Plate Blues (Loki)
Papercuts: Parallel Universe Blues (Slumberland)
Deadline Paranoia: 1/3 (Ongehoord)
Deadline Paranoia: 2/3 (Ongehoord)
Opal: Early Recordings 2 (bootleg)
Greg Malcolm and Stefan Neville: A Nuance (Feeding Tube)
Hello Blue Roses: Trade Winds (JAZ)
Blue Chemise: Daughters of Time (Students of Decay)
Golden Teacher: G.D.D.B (House Rules)
Warren Sampson: Traveller (Love All Day)
The Ivytree: Unburdened Light (Recital)
Matthew Harkin: Sanctuary No. 1 (Hobbies Galore)
Richards Youngs: Belief (O Genesis)
Amor: Sinking Into a Miracle (Night School)
Aquarium: Aquarium (Lumpy)
Larajji: Vision Songs 1 (Numero)
Crode: Shrub Rowdy (Alien Passengers)
Spike & Debbie: Always Sunshine, Always Rain (Tiny Global)
Peter Kardas: I Saw You (Echo Ocho)
Shells: Shell 2 (Ginkgo)
CJA: Sido Not Dead (Planam)


First (brief) visit to Canada, to move my sister, which included stops in Detroit, Kitchener, Toledo, Moline & lots of other places
My sister’s subsequent wedding in Ames, IA
Dinner at Matts El Ranchero in Austin, TX
Lunch at Santorini in Deland, FL
Frog Eyes, Hello Blue Roses & Skygreen Leopards at Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA
Michael O. & The Limits, Odd Hope, Rays at White Horse Tavern in Oakland, CA
The Love-Birds, Soft Topics, Real Numbers at Eagle’s Club in Minneapolis
Milford Graves Full Mantis at Trylon in Minneapolis
Super Bowl weekend in Grand Marais, MN with my sweetie
Sean McCann, Aquarelle, Maths Balance Volumes at Saint Peter Arts Center in Saint Peter, MN (& the karaoke that followed)
Allen Ruppersberg retrospective at Walker Art Center in Minneapolis
Johnny Pemberton at Parkway Theater in Minneapolis
Julian Lynch at White Page Gallery in Minneapolis
My 40th birthday party, with Crystal Myslajek, Altamira, Matthew De Gennaro (& taco bar) at White Page Gallery in Minneapolis
Matthew De Gennaro’s Pip Proud cover at the aforementioned gig
Record fairs & record friends in Austin, Fargo, Minneapolis, Mankato, etc.
Flights by Olga Tokarczuk
Charalambides and Zak Sally at Hexagon Bar in Minneapolis
Tinariwen at Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis
Low at Fitzgerald Theater in Saint Paul
Watching the World Cup on my lunch break at the international market down the street 

Soft Abuse / Fruits & Flowers 2018 round-up

Church Shuttle: Natural Disaster 7″
Adam Cadell: Bush Songs CS
Matthew De Gennaro: Conversation with a Roadside Skull CS
Ulaan Markhor: Helm CS
Pumice: Platelets 7″
The Skygreen Leopards: The Jingling World of The Skygreen Leopards LP
Michael O.: Power’s Out 7″