2018 List: Stefan Neville

2018 what I liked best.
-Haemachromatosis diagnosis & blood letting.
-Wreckless Eric live at Tuning Fork, Auckland.
-A Happy Return LP.
-Mate Ma’a Tonga vs Aussie Kangaroos rugby league test at Mt Smart stadium.
-DSLB live at Pyramid Club, Wellington.
-D Double E “Jackuum” DL.
-Slowburn LP. 
-Being a bass player in Octopus / Olumpus / O/PUS.
-School caretaking work with Gfrenzy.
-Backyard Burial “Repeat Offender” LP.
-It Hurts “Estuary” DL. 
-Billy Bragg “Roots Radicals Rockers-How Skiffle Changed The World” book.
-Indira Neville “Episodes From My Episode” comic.
-Paul McCartney live at Mt Smart, Auckland.
-Skygreen Leopards “Jangling World” LP.
-Ivytree “Unburdened Light” LP
-AJ Sharma “Tabla Diablo” LP.
-CJA “Headache” LP.  
-Futurians “Distorted Living” & “Programmed” LP’s