2018 List: Sydney Vermont

In the spirit of sharing 2018


Angels of Death, Jennifer Castle–Violet Psalms, Frog Eyes—Ouch, Nick Kgrovich -Hundreds of Days, Mary Lattimore– Water Over Glass, The Cyrillic Typewriter –Room Inside the World, Ought–A Poem Unlimited, US Girls –Hexagon, Kensington Gore –Freedom, Amen Dunes –Anxious Love, Adrian Teacher and the Subs — The Jingling World of the Skygreen Leopards—Unburdened Light, The Ivytree – Parallel Universe Blues, The Papercuts– Bottle It In, Kurt Vile—The Golden Octave, Witch Prophet–On The Plain, The Pinc Lincolns– Ocean Electro, Kellarissa– Kamikaze Nurse live on Citr—4 Letter Word, Hazy–One for the Road, Dorothea Paas —Power’s Out, Michael O —Keyboard Fantasies, Beverly Glenn-Copeland (1986/2017 but it continued to play a big role in my day to day in 2018)—Sweetener, Ariana Grande


— Touring with Frog Eyes and my bandmates Julia Chirka and Jason Zumpano. Tour highlights: Playing with with Skygreen Leopards at Bottom of the Hill, SF, and Zachary Cale at Elsewhere Space, Brooklyn, also Kamloops
–Completing Intro to Bartenieff Fundamentals with Lisa, Jen and Donna
–Osmics deodorant, balances hormones in bright earthen tones
–X cross country skiing, bike camping and hiking with the kid and friends.
— ferry ride through a rainbow veil to see friends and Earthlings, Nanaimo Art Gallery
–Against Everything with Conner Habib podcast
–James Benning, L. Cohen
–Fine at the Lido
–Lucretia Martel’s Zama
–Eight Hours Don’t Make A Day, Fassbinder (1972/ Vancouver screening 2018)
–Mama Mia 2


Dionne Brand, The Blue Clerk–Aja Moore, Hotwheel– Andrea Warner, Buffy Sainte-Marie –Amber Dawn, Sodom Road Exit– Terese Marie Mailhot, Heart Berries–Eden Robinson, Trickster Drift–Shazia Hafiz Ramji, Port of Being– Anne Boyer, Handbook of Disappointed Fate– Lucia Berlin, Evening in Paradise—Tommy Orange, There, there