Soft Abuse


image of Giantess

What once was The Battles was soon to become Giantess… Following the release and acclaim given to Tomorrow’s Eager Hands (which featured recordings from several years prior), Stephen Wood reemerged with a new batch of songs and a blistering line-up for The Battles. Ted Hamilton returned to the fray, and was joined by John Margetts on bass, Clare Kenny on Casio and Omnichord, and Jaret Penner (Precious Fathers) laying down a slow sizzle on his guitar. The band’s triumphant return to the Vancouver stage occurred on April 1, 2006. Soon thereafter Stephen Wood and The Battles retreated to the studio to record their third album, with John Collins and David Carswell at JC/DC Studios in Vancouver.

The new batch of songs took on a life of their own – the recordings yielded a sound never before achieved by previously. It became clear that The Battles moniker no longer served their purpose, and thus, Giantess was borne…



  • Giantess CD (2007, Soft Abuse)