Soft Abuse

SAB098 | CS, DL

Anla Courtis and Stefan Neville

Roots of a Knob

Longtime prolific underground voyagers Stefan Neville (Pumice, etc.) and Anla Courtis (Reynols, etc.) have crossed paths many times over the years, but hadn’t collaborated until now. Roots of a Knob coalesces their zones, bringing forth a meditative, moaning, buzzing wallop. Across four extended tracks, the pair move through various iterations on a drone, some tethered, others free floating, all trance-inducing, vast & hallucinatory.

Recordings took place in Buenos Aires and Auckland, and were assembled in Neville’s studio in New Zealand.

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Track Titles

  1. Gravel + Gravy
  2. Sabotaged PiƱata
  3. Roots of a Knob
  4. Slow Motion Soup