Soft Abuse

Lonely Hunter by Brute Heart

SAB048 | LP, CS, CD, DL

Brute Heart

Lonely Hunter

Brute Heart (Crystal Myslajek, Jackie Beckey & Crystal Brinkman) craft tense, dense, trance-inducing sounds with primarily bass, drums, viola & voice (all three sing). Informed by the fringes of post-punk, art rock, dark folk & other idiosyncratic strains, Brute Heart’s warm, mysterious music evoke recollections of Dog Faced Hermans, Family Fodder, and ESG, as well as contemporaries Quix*O*Tic and Grass Widow. Lonely Hunter is Brute Heart’s second album, and it showcases an eerie ability to shift through several rites, all towing the line between familiar and alien: swaths of extended Eastern-influenced melodies inform primal dervishes, hypnotic & danceable punk movements are cloaked in occult mysticism.


Track Titles

  1. Eclipse
  2. Blindfolded
  3. Hunter
  4. Serpentine
  5. No Darkness
  6. Satellite
  7. Charmed One
  8. Evil Eye
  9. Open Window