Soft Abuse

Car Commercials | Prisoner of Type

SAB042 | DL, 7" Single

Car Commercials

Prisoner of Type

Car Commercials explore the personal/loner side of DIY with their singular take on no-chord strum & mumble rock n’ roll alienation. Dave Sutton and Daniel DiMaggio have created another soundtrack of suburban boredom & terminal paranoia; the stifling, mundane source of this music (geographically and psychologically speaking) is mirrored and regurgitated in these five tunes. Where once they tread a formless, lurching path, Car Commercials now tromp along with more-cohesive abandon. Moments of spontaneity & pure attitude are delivered in restrained spurts and jabs, and their chops seem better, too. All in all, Prisoner of Type extends the duo’s unsettling missives into (slightly) less-rudimentary corners.


Track Titles

  1. Supper's on the Table
  2. Prisoner of Type
  3. S's Pawn
  4. The Bag Saga, part 1
  5. The Bag Saga, part 2