Notorious Lightning and Other Works

SAB011 | LP

“Under pressure to finally do a proper tour, (Daniel) Bejar turned to Victoria band Frog Eyes to back him up and breathe new life into his songs – which they did, and then some. In some cases, they wrestled them right to the ground, giving Bejar a solid kick in the ass, which is exactly what he was looking for. It was a classic Destroyer move: Bejar swore off rock music after perfecting it, then made a faux-orchestral album, then toured it with a band that made it sound like arty hardcore.” – CBC

Track Titles

  • 1. Notorious Lightning
  • 2. New Ways of Living
  • 3. The Music Lovers
  • 4. An Actor's Revenge
  • 5. Don't Become the Thing You Hated
  • 6. Your Blues