Soft Abuse

Donovan Quinn & the 13th Month

Your Wicked Man

With an enigmatic deadpan, Donovan Quinn delivers lyrics written in a dense and fragmentary style; the influence of writers such as Malcolm Lowry and Thomas Pynchon figure just as heavily on his craft as musical influences Robyn Hitchcock, Pavement, Robert Forster and Skip Spence.

Your Wicked Man is the second album from Donovan Quinn & the 13th Month, created in collaboration with Nick Marcantonio on bass and Jason Quever (Papercuts) as producer and multi-instrumentalist. In much the same way his presence molded Cass McCombs’ early efforts, Quever’s contributions to Your Wicked Man serve Quinn’s narratives with arrangements that range from ornamental to rollicking to spare, pushing Quinn’s embrace of rustic, poetic popcraft to the fore.


Track Titles

  1. Winter in a Rented Room
  2. Mom's House
  3. Your Wicked Man
  4. April Tenth
  5. Street Fighting Girls
  6. The Door Locks Itself
  7. Leave Like You Came
  8. Sylvia & the Gremlins
  9. Red Corona
  10. Open Flame