Soft Abuse

Felipe + Forté

Shaggy Black

Debut collaborative full-length from Nick Forté (NY) and Dino Felipe (FL). Shaggy Black provides deeply processed, yet undeniably organic experience; a unique anomaly of resplendent and savage textures. The union of man-made and machine-based sounds creates a heady, blistering atmosphere. Valid / vague comparisons to Alvin Lucier, Fennesz, Markus Popp, Sunroof!, Wolfgang Voight and Boredoms aren’t wholly off base here…

CD | $5.00

Track Titles

  1. Serafoam
  2. Pick Yer Poison
  3. Shadow People Revisted
  4. Anteater
  5. Cannon Fodder
  6. Gnome on the Noggin
  7. Crispy Crude
  8. One Needle Per Village
  9. Hoof Lager or Horse Pills
  10. Dander
  11. Violent Flag