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Flying Canyon

Flying Canyon

Soaring like The Eagles on Robitussin, Flying Canyon’s mournful folk-rock slowly ascends into the desert sky. Existing in the sun-baked tradition of burnt-out Cosmic Californians like Sky Sunlight Saxon, Skip Spence, David Crosby and Phil Pearlman, frontman Cayce Lindner is tapping a rich vein of indigenous folk, rock & country with his songs, and like them, he’s not a traditionalist. With organ, fuzz bass, cathedral harmonies & cavernous drums, Flying Canyon slow the pace to a funeral crawl; an apocalyptic and almost religious feeling emanates from this music, while Lindner, with quavering vocals of the Young/Garcia axis, delivers his high desert eulogies, mournful tales of eternal love and despair.

Backing Lindner in Flying Canyon are Shayde Sartin and Jewelled Antler’s Glenn Donaldson, who recorded the album on a crumbling reel-to-reel tape machine at his home in San Francisco’s famed Mission District, mere blocks from where Sir Douglas Quintet recorded their classic Together After Five LP.

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Track Titles

  1. In the Reflection
  2. Down to Summer
  3. Crossing by Your Star
  4. The Bull Who Knew the Ring
  5. The Dawn Curtain
  6. Relover
  7. Gibralter May Fall
  8. This Can't be My Home
  9. At Night When the World Goes Quiet