Soft Abuse

Fortunato Durutti Marinetti

Memory's Fool

Born in Turin and based in Toronto, Marinetti has been playing in bands of varying degrees of obscurity for the last twenty years, frequently touring North America in his Volvo station wagon and quietly self-releasing albums to an oblivious and oversaturated marketplace. Memory’s Fool is his second release under his own name (following 2020’s Desire) and his first time working with proper label support.

Drawing inspiration from the restless, explorative spirit of 1970s songwriters like Lou Reed, Robert Wyatt and Joni Mitchell, Marinetti chose to first wrote all the lyrics before assembling a hybrid pickup band of jazz, folk and rock musicians to render the songs of Memory’s Fool into a form he calls “poetic jazz rock”. And indeed, Memory’s Fool is poetic jazz rock of the highest order.

Across it’s seven patiently composed and meticulously recorded tracks, each song on Memory’s Fool unfolds like a small essay or miniature treatise that focuses on inescapable human themes such as: sex, death, relationships, discovering who you are, feeling hurt, feeling confused. We are all Memory’s Fool.


Track Titles

  1. All Roads
  2. A Kind of Education
  3. Feels Like
  4. I Came Here for a Reason
  5. Everything is Right Here
  6. I Would Smile
  7. I Declare