As Upon the Road Thereto

SAB007 | CD, DL

As Upon the Road Thereto finds Patrick McKinney (AKA Langtry), early member of Iron & Wine, alone with his guitar, cranking out loose yet mind-bogglingly technical compositions that tread the same path traveled by Richard Bishop (solo and with SGC), Jack Rose and of course John Fahey, & presented with a distinctly Floridian worldview.

Track Titles

  • 1. Billy Bowlegs Blues
  • 2. Hobojangle
  • 3. The Ballad of Painless Parker
  • 4. Binderstiffs
  • 5. The Devil's Horse
  • 6. Smylax
  • 7. There is No Such Joy as Upon the Road Thereto
  • 8. Chasleen, You Gotta Run to Catch That Train
  • 9. He Uses Special Stamps on His Last Letters
  • 10. The Erotic Melancholy of Cypress