SAB067 | CS, DL

LXV is the moniker of Philadelphia-based producer David Sutton (Current Amnesia, Car Commercials, etc). His latest, Asylum/Theophany, serves as a meditation on Chapel Perilous, an occult term that concerns confusion surrounding supernatural experiences in the physical world. Sutton deeply renders the concept, burying itinerant voices under spectral layers of noise, drones & sharply digital, cold, and harsh electronic tones. The results offer a highly illusory and immersive listening experience, and follow in line with his previous synthesized explorations of ethereal realms.

Track Titles

  • 1. Dive
  • 2. Visitation
  • 3. Cell
  • 4. Veil Lapse
  • 5. Purpose
  • 6. Back Drop Pull