Mad Nanna
My Two Kids

SAB057 | DL, 7" Single

Another crucial transmission from planet Mad Nanna. This time around, Michael Zulicki & co. chug with a loose togetherness on the a-side, “My Two Kids”; one of their most charmed and straightforward tunes (that roaming refrain notwithstanding) with a touch of cosmic Velvets twinkle. On the flip, “I’m Not Coming Here”, the trio conjure Jandek and Alastair Galbraith with an elongated, lonesome jam that feels barely harnessed by those involved. This single is a companion release of sorts to their 7″ on Unwucht (same tunes, diff versions), and features lettering by Raf Spielman of Eggy Records.

Track Titles

  • 1. My Two Kids
  • 2. I'm Not Coming Here