Old Bombs

SAB003 | CD, DL

“We are on the edge of a genre that has no name. We’ve been compared to Rowe’s work with radio, Cage, Merzbow, Organum, V/VM, Pita, Christian Marclay. All those references are fine but don’t really define what we were/are doing here. Dino (Felipe) and Vanessa (Payes) were my first really good friends in the US with whom I shared a similar musical outlook. After moving from Miami, we kept sending original creations to each other and mutilating, layering, recombining, re-sampling and recursionizing them until they felt complete. In this way we have maintained our own dialogue about music. Equipment has changed, abilities have evolved, and now after six years comes Audios, our first ‘official’ CD. Dig in or dig out.” – Carlos Giffoni

Track Titles

  • 1. Audio 1
  • 2. Audia 1
  • 3. Audio 2
  • 4. Audia 2
  • 5. Audio 3
  • 6. Audia 3
  • 7. Audio 4
  • 8. Audia 4