Soft Abuse

Caucus by Olumpus

SAB092 | DL



Olumpus, née Olympus, have bubbled-up for another round nearly a decade after the release of their first LP. Bold Mould, their debut, brought two known quantity one-man-band racket makers–Pat Kraus and Stefan Neville–into fine duo-dom form, birthing a brilliant post-punk side in the tradition of Jane from Occupied Europe. Caucus is their second LP, and it operates on a whole other level entirely. Caucus finds Stefan Neville in full mad scientist producer mode, at the controls, morphing Olumpus into some sort of Flying Lizards operation with himself in the Cunningham role & a giant cast of collaborators from various corners of the fertile New Zealand underground and further points abroad. The results are dense, hallucinatory, warped and catchy, and analogous with hardly anything.

Caucus gathers together 22 collaborators for 14 tracks of blistering fourth wall brilliance and confusion, and features contributions from heavyweights like Steve Dean, Ducklingmonster, Richard Youngs, Demarnia Lloyd, Clayton Noone, Matt Plunkett (The Trendees), Mr Sterile, Dan Melchior, and of course Neville and Kraus. Released collaboratively by Stabbies, Etc (NZ) and Soft Abuse (USA).

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Track Titles

  1. Cut Cut Cut
  2. Rant Rant Rant
  3. Rotting in My Room
  4. Like Dogs Grinning at Ghosts
  5. My Feelings Are Temporary
  6. It's Interesting
  7. A Pen or Pencil in Every Room
  8. Dreadlock Pasta
  9. How Does it Work?
  10. Beautiful or Bro
  11. Celebrities at the Beach
  12. Mountain of the Gods
  13. Who Should Monitor the World's Grease
  14. Scummers