Soft Abuse

Pants Yell! | Alison Statton

SAB025 | CD, DL

Pants Yell!

Alison Statton

The album title Alison Statton pays homage to the lovely young Welsh girl who fronted Young Marble Giants and Weekend. The songs pay homage to failed relationships and the uncertainty of youth via a batch of intelligently informed compositions where female vocals float through as trumpets and saxophones spurt lost Stax lines, a glockenspiel chimes, guitars feedback, drums flail and a young man sings sweetly. Pants Yell! is Andrew Churchman, Sterling Bryant, and Casey Keenan.

CD | $5.00

Track Titles

  1. More Purple
  2. Reject, Reject
  3. Tried to Be Good
  4. Evan's Way
  5. A New City LIfe
  6. Magenta and Green
  7. Shoreham Kent
  8. Alison Statton
  9. The Royal We
  10. For Dee
  11. Two French Sisters