Soft Abuse

Lunettes by Pigeons

SAB036 | DL, 7" Single



Pigeons make sublimely blasted / incredibly hallucinogenic songs from their base in Bronx, NY. The trio of Wednesday Knudsen (in disguise on the sleeve), Clark Griffin and Carter Thornton have been active for a few years, releasing miniture-run cassettes and lathe cuts for Griffin’s Moran Tape Label. Their wayward song-based creations are just as ambitious, melding dissonance, crude electronics & chanson pop. The pop element in their tunes, fully introduced on their brilliant Virgin Spectacle LP, firmly rests as the oddest element in the mix. Connections to the No Neck / Sound @ 1 crew & The Sea Donkeys exist, but Pigeons are wholly on their own plane.


Track Titles

  1. Tendresse
  2. Lowest
  3. Oubli
  4. Cruel Circumstance