Steven R. Smith
A Sketchbook of Endings

SAB090 | LP, CD, DL

With nearly 25 years of solo recordings & releases to his credit, hermetic Californian Steven R. Smith goes back to the start with A Sketchbook of Endings, the first solo release under his own name in 8 years. A Sketchbook of Endings continues Smith’s exploration of the intersection of moody post-punk and cinematic psychedelia, delivered in lysergic pop song-length spurts.

Brevity does nothing to sacrifice density or dynamics; Smith offers both in abundance across the album’s 15 instrumentals. These songs are packed with all of the depth, intensity & nuance that have been trademarks of his music for so long. Despite appearing under his given name, A Sketchbook of Endings includes traces of recent work, under guises such as Ulaan Khol, Ulaan Markhor and Ulaan Passerine, as well echoes of his forebearers Mick Harvey and Rowland S. Howard. A Sketchbook of Endings is a highlight of Smith’s first quarter century of activities, a beacon of his rich and varied anti-career.

Track Titles

  • 1. Careening
  • 2. Everything in Circles
  • 3. Copper Arches
  • 4. The Days Have Wiped Away the Image
  • 5. Grainstacks
  • 6. That Which is Many, Yet None
  • 7. All Things That Shall Be
  • 8. Hollow Victories in Godforsaken Lands
  • 9. The Pale Tree
  • 10. A Bird That Is All Birds
  • 11. The Toppled Era
  • 12. A Series of Courtyards Reversed
  • 13. The Weaving Mill
  • 14. Let Us Return
  • 15. Mourning Weeds