Too Dumb to Live, Too Stoned to Die

SAB052 | CS, DL

Suspensers operate in the shadows of New York City, occasionally surfacing to share their doses with unsuspecting basement show-goers. Borne from the mind and lips of Ted Robinson, pusher of the finest acid-country tunes heard in an age, Suspensers formed in the wake of a relocation from Asheville, and have since settled into the city’s invisible fringe. Robinson’s membership in D. Charles Speer & The Helix informs what’s happening here, though Suspensers’ songs dwell in the foothills of that traditionalism, and offer a far wilder vision of hillbilly music; traces of Charlies Tweddle and Feathers bubble up repeatedly.

Track Titles

  • 1. Trouble
  • 2. Time is All
  • 3. I'm Legs (version)
  • 4. Duio
  • 5. All You Little
  • 6. Friday Afternoon
  • 7. The Opener
  • 8. Strings & Wood
  • 9. I'm Legs
  • 10. Raise Your Rockets
  • 11. Spinsow
  • 12. All You Little (version)
  • 13. MOB
  • 14. Time is All (version)