The Battles
Tomorrow's Eager Hands

SAB013 | CD, DL

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, The Battles return after a five-year sojourn with the brilliant Tomorrow’s Eager Hands. The new songs deliver on the promise of their debut (2001’s Lycanthropy); Stephen Wood’s songwriting chops tow the thread between Ray Davies, David Kilgour, Mayo Thompson and Robyn Hitchcock, as the band pings and chugs around power pop, art-rock, and classic rock moves.

Track Titles

  • 1. Changes
  • 2. Omega Man
  • 3. Poem #8 (That Would be Good)
  • 4. Wonder...
  • 5. Suzanne
  • 6. Susan's Reply
  • 7. (Make Love) In the Beds of Rivers
  • 8. We Were Right to Fight
  • 9. In Excelsis, Yeah
  • 10. Northern Man
  • 11. Right On